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Watch As This Mom Tries to Put Her Twin Boys To Bed: THIS IS HILARIOUS

In recent days, this video has been going incredibly viral. Norwegian mother of twin boys, Henriette Jonassen, uploaded a video to YouTube showing her struggles to put her two boys to bed. Since it’s middle of the summer, Norway’s hours are longer and it doesn’t get dark until way later. So Henriette has been having… Read More »

These Comforter Sets Are THE Coolest Ever – SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY NOW #14

Bed spreads, sheets, and comforter sets – nothing here really screams exciting…except when you see THESE comforter sets. WOW! Mind = blown. Whoever thought up of these is a frikken genius. I honestly want every single one of these. #1. Skeleton #2. Woman #3. Wooden ship #4. Zombies #5. Astronaut #6. Cardboard box and pavement… Read More »