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#RelationshipGoals: 25 Couples Who Know The Secret to a Lasting Relationship

Relationships take hard work, compromise, and of course, love. If we don’t nurture what we have and if we don’t cherish one another, we’ll end up in a bed with a box of chocolates crying ourselves to sleep. So I think I speak for everyone when I say that these next couples are doing it… Read More »

This Guy’s GF Died 2 Years Ago…Now She’s Messaging Him on FB – This Will Haunt Me Forever

Loosing a loved one can’t possibly be easy by any means, but what this poor guy had to endure 1 year AFTER his girlfriend died is more than anyone could take. Nathan and his girlfriend Emily had been dating for about 5 years when she suddenly passed away in 2012 in a horrific car accident.… Read More »