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22 Amazing Bus Stops That You’ll Actually Want to Wait At

Bus stops…are now exciting. #1. Salvaged school bus stop in Atlanta #2. Scale of Shame in Amsterdam #3. Skateboard stop in Denmark #4. Vertical garden stop in Netherlands #5. Amazing Whale Jaw in Holland #6. Bus Home in California #7. Bus stop symbiosis in Portugal #8. Bus typography in Baltimore #9. Candle snuffer in Estonia… Read More »

NEVER Admit to Being Embarrassed by Your Dad…or he Might do THIS!

As a teenager, your parents are constantly embarrassing you, but this dad went above and beyond that to teach his son a lesson. Meet Rain. Rain is a 16 year old teenager with an embarrassing dad. Rain’s dad, Dale, along with his mother, would  stand outside and wave as the bus picked up their son.… Read More »