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Chef on Instagram Transforms Junk Food Into Expensive Looking, Gourmet Meals

We’re not quite sure who exactly this mystery chef is, but he/she can definitely transform your regular junk into something stunning. Take a look! S’mores Made with Marshmallow Peeps, Graham Cracker Pastry Cream, Generic Brand Chocolat Cake from the Freezer Section and Banana Popsicle Chunks Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins, Birthday Cake Oreo Soil, Snickers Haché, Shamrock… Read More »

50 Food Monstrosities: These People Should NEVER Be Allowed in the Kitchen Again

Not all of us can cook like chefs, but I believe that most humans are capable of cooking basic things and doing so without incident, right? WRONG! These 50 pictures prove that maybe humans weren’t meant to cook…at least these ones. STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING! #1. String cheese dogs #2. Swirl… Read More »