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Creepy Realistic Cake Art Is Beyond Morbid. Could YOU Eat These?

Culinary artist Annabel de Vetten wants to give you a sinful taste of her morbid creations. Inspired by horror films, she brings something new and unexpected to the table. So could you actually eat any of these super creepy cakes? How realistic…these would be great for a Halloween party! Don’t forget to share:)

Guy Creates Insane Animal Art Using Only Fruits and Veggies

Food artist and wordplay master Al Matthews, has been creating some amazing art. Using only fruits and veggies, he’s been sculpting animals out of them and giving them creative and playful names too! Check out his work below! Swalrus Swedala Avocatoad Cougeko Crabbish Dolphinana Garlicuttlefish Gingeroo Grellyfrish Hippotatomus Kiwi Kiwi Limeardillo Paraffe Pcarrot Peartle Poleriac… Read More »

Here Are 15 Dresses Made From the Strangest Materials Ever. These People Thought Out of the Box.

The people that made these dresses are incredibly unique in their thoughts and didn’t hesitate to get away from the norm. #1. Phone book dress #2. Mood dress #3. Cream puff dress #4. Condom dresses #5. Bird cage dress #6. Zipper dress #7. Wooden dress #8. Willow branch dress #9. Video dress #10. Toilet paper… Read More »

This 75-Year-Old Man Spent 10 Years Creating This…WOW

We spend most of our lives rushing and hurrying everything alone, but not everyone is like that. Meet 75-year-old John Brooker, an artist of sorts. John has spent a total of 10 years perfecting this beautiful hedge for his wife. He spent countless days getting every just perfect and it was oh so worth it!… Read More »