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20 See Through Animals That Are Super Cool to Look At. Nature is Just CRAZY!

Animals come in all shapes, forms, and sizes…even transparent! #1. Glass Squid #2. Glasswing Butterfly #3. Jellyfish #4. Phronima #5. Sea Angel #6. Sea Salp #7. Tortoise Shell Beetle #8. Transparent Sea Cucumber #9. Barreleye Fish #10. Barton Springs Salamander #11. Big Skate #12. Clear Slug #13. Comb Jelly #14. Costa Rican Tadpoles #15. Crocodile… Read More »

OMG I’m So Glad I Wasn’t Alive When These MONSTER CREATURES Roamed The Earth

If you’re not comfortable with sea creatures and insects just because they gross you out, you would have had an issue living way way back in the day. All of these creatures existed on the planet at one point or another. Yes. Let that sink in. Jaekelopetrus aka the giant sea scorpion. The giants were… Read More »

You Will NEVER Go In The Ocean After Seeing This! OMG! How Are These Things Even REAL?!?

The ocean is FULL of things we can’t even BEGIN to understand, and these next sea creatures are so alien-like, they almost don’t look real. So next time you’re in the ocean, watch your step, because you never know when you might encounter the next sea creature. #1. Mola Mola #2. Pink See-Through Fantasia #3.… Read More »

Here are 11 of the Strangest Things EVER Found in a TOILET: WTF?!? #6 is Straight Up Scary!

You wouldn’t expect to find much in a toilet other than well…you know. But these toilets had a little something more than the usual in them. #1. A wombat?!? #2. Hmm…smells kinda fishy in here #3. A person! #4. A pig head #5. Eww…a possum! #6. NOOOOOO!! #7. Oh it’s cool it’s just a shark… Read More »

13 Animal Myths: DEBUNKED – Bet You Didn’t Know Most of These!

The animal world is not only very complex and hard to understand, but sometimes also fuelled by rumors. These myths about animals are widely believed by most of the population, but they are oh so wrong! #1. Ostriches do not hide their heads in the sand. Pliny the Elder started the rumor in one of… Read More »

Here Are 25 Strangely Beautiful Albino Animals

Albinism is defined as a condition that is characterized by reduced pigmentation. Albinism (white with red eyes), as well as Leucism (white with often blue eyes), can occur in humans as well as in animals. These next creatures, although strange looking, are hauntingly beautiful. #1. Vulture #2. Turtle #3. Snail #4. Shark #5. Rhino #6.… Read More »

17 Scariest-Looking, Toe-Curling Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

There is no doubt that the Earth is filled with peculiar looking creatures that look like they might have come from somewhere else. But be warned, these next 17 animals are so strange you’d think you were looking at photo shopped pictures. #1. The Aye-Aye Although strange looking, the aye-aye comes from the lemur family… Read More »

16 of Some of the Weirdest Animals You’ll Ever See – And Please RUN if you ever see #11!

The planet is full of strange, lesser known creatures, whom, if you take a closer look at, actually look otherworldly! Now, I’m not claiming that these creatures are aliens but….THEY’RE ALIENS!!! #1. Mexican Axolotl – Straight out of a cartoon movie!                         #2. Irrawady Dolphin… Read More »