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Shocking Effects of Deforestation Shown in Graphic Ads Will Make You Think Twice About Harming the Planet

The slogan for these ads, “When the wood go, the wildlife goes”, is a powerful, yet graphic and shocking message that speaks for our planet. These ads were made in such a way as to make people really think about what we’re doing to our wildlife and hopefully inspire millions to take better care of… Read More »

After Seeing What These People Found in Their Food, You’ll Never Want to Eat Again

Excuse me while I go throw up now! What these people found in their food is disturbing! #1. Mmm…lizard salad #2. McDonald’s chicken head – that looks delicious! #3. And McD’s does it again with their insect hashbrowns! #4. Nail in your Mac n Cheese? #5. Salad of newt #6. Pickled rat anyone? #7. Look… Read More »

There Are Aliens Living Amongst Us…And They Love to Eat Our Flesh

Have you ever seen parasites up close? I mean, really, really up close? Well if you haven’t yet, you’re in luck today! Here are what parasites look like under the microscope and it’s the creepiest thing you’ll ever see. #1. Dermatobia Hominis AKA Human Botfly Larva #2. Fasciola Hepatica AKA Liver Fluke #3. Hirudo Medicinalis… Read More »

25 Insanely Disturbing Facts That You’ll Probably Regret Knowing: #16 Has Scarred me For Life

They say ignorance is bliss…and it’s totally true for these next 25 facts. Get ready for your stomach to turn and your mind to be blown! #1. When you smells something, the molecules of the object are actually sticking to the inside of your nose.                    … Read More »