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A Photographer Captured Adorable Shots of Puppies Shaking Themselves Dry

As if puppies weren’t cute enough already, photographer Carli Davidson captures some incredibly adorable shots. After the puppies got wet, she managed to get the perfect shot of them as they were shaking off the water. The result? See for yourself! Aaaannd now I want a puppy! Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking… Read More »

Behold! 24 Tiny, Plump Animals That You’ll Want to Squeeze

Humans may not look as cute when they’re plump (unless of course they’re babies!), but animals have a way of working that plumpness like it’s nobody’s business! #1. This adorable, round owl #2. These bellies #3. This round squirrel #4. These plump seals #5. Squirrel plumpness #6. Tiny pug is plump #7. Round baby bunny… Read More »

34 of the Derpiest Animals I Have Ever Seen. I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry

Animals are so much fun! Whether they’re photobombing us or just acting plain stupid, they always have a spot in our hearts. These next 34 animals take the cake for being super awkward…you’ll see why! Hopefully that brightened up your day a bit! Share these derpy animals with your friends:)

Even if You Don’t Smoke, You HAVE to go to This Cigarette Shop

You may not be a smoker, but throw all that out the window and go check out this cigarette store! No, we’re not encouraging you to start smoking – it’s a horrible habit! But nevertheless, you have to just visit this store to see what I’m talking about. Because when you go to this shop,… Read More »

This is NOT Photoshop: Here Are a Bunch Animals Riding Other Animals Because Why Not?

When animals are as cute as they are, they can pretty much do anything and get away with it! They can be bad and destroy everything in your house, and you’ll forgive them because they’re so frikken adorable. In fact, they’re even cute to one another. Case in point, these next pictures of animals riding… Read More »

26 Animals That Prove: The Struggle IS Real #8 is HILARIOUS hahaha

Humans aren’t the only ones who struggle – animals do too! Take these animals for instance: they’re obviously experiencing tons of discomfort and although we wish we could help them, but also can’t help but laugh a little. After all, they are pretty cute! #1. This dog who realized what was about to happen #2.… Read More »