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Meet Patrick. The Oldest and Most Cuddliest Wombat in the World

At 27 years of age, Patrick the wombat is the oldest known wombat in the world. On average, most wombats don’t even make it past 20. These 4 legged marsupials native to Australia, are something of a wonder for the rest of the world. Sure, they make look like giant rants, but really, they’re the… Read More »

Here Are 31 Reasons Why Planet Mars is So Amazing

The red planet is nothing short of amazing. Mars, one of our closest neighbors has been one of humanity’s most difficult feats. We’d like to learn so much about it, but we have limited resources and technology. Although Mars is our neighbor, we still don’t have the capability to reach it ourselves. That’s why we’ve… Read More »

These 17 Inventions Prove That The Future Really is NOW!

Some of the things in this list we know about, and we’ve gotten used to them. But we never actually stop to think how amazing they really are. Other things on this list…I didn’t even know existed! #1. Smart Dictionary #2. The smartphone…what a breakthrough! #3. Digital menu #4. Tesla driving display #5. The world’s… Read More »

17 Scariest-Looking, Toe-Curling Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

There is no doubt that the Earth is filled with peculiar looking creatures that look like they might have come from somewhere else. But be warned, these next 17 animals are so strange you’d think you were looking at photo shopped pictures. #1. The Aye-Aye Although strange looking, the aye-aye comes from the lemur family… Read More »