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Tired of Boring, Old, Hot Chocolate? Try These Amazing Hot Chocolate Recipes To Spice Things Up!

Out with the regular hot chocolate and in with the new! These simple, yet immensely satisfying hot chocolate recipes require only a few tweaks to get you to hot chocolate heaven. Simply stir all ingredients in a pan over low heat and enjoy any of these delicious concoctions! Now I’m totally craving some hot chocolate!… Read More »

These Comforter Sets Are THE Coolest Ever – SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY NOW #14

Bed spreads, sheets, and comforter sets – nothing here really screams exciting…except when you see THESE comforter sets. WOW! Mind = blown. Whoever thought up of these is a frikken genius. I honestly want every single one of these. #1. Skeleton #2. Woman #3. Wooden ship #4. Zombies #5. Astronaut #6. Cardboard box and pavement… Read More »