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Stunning Aerial Photographs From Around the World Showcase The Power of the Drone

Using only a drone, these photographs captured something truly magical. St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Petergof St. Petersburg Taj Mahal The Katskhi Pillar where a Georgian hermit has lived for the past 20 years to “be closer to God” Barcelona Bourtange Budapest Hermitage Pavilion in St. Petersburg Hotel Ukrainia, Moscow India Liberty Statue, Budapest Lotus… Read More »

Dining Tables Represent What the Wealthy and The Poor Eat On Each Side And It’s Eye Opening

Creative duo Henry Hargreaves and Caitlin Levin came up with an amazing series called “Power Hungry”. This series basically represents both sides of a country: the poor and the rich. Here, we get to see one table, where one ends represents the wealth, and the other end, the poor. Present Day North Korea – Power… Read More »

Artist Sculpts Microscopic Things Inside Needle Eyes And It’s Amazing

Artist Willard Wigan has come up with a completely new and absurd concept: needle eye sculpting. It’s hard enough just getting thread through the needle, let alone sculpt things inside of it! Little Miss Muffet Nine Camels Olympic Torch Pieta Tailor of Gloucester Tango The Chariot Bowler Hat Cinderella Coronation Crown Earth Fairytale Golden Harley… Read More »