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Photographic Proof That Being a President Ages You Horribly. WOW!

Being president is no easy feat judging by the incredible change in these next presidents’ faces. Abraham Lincoln Barack Obama Bill Clinton Dwight D. Eisenhower Franklin D. Roosevelt George W. Bush Harry S. Truman John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon Ronald Reagan I’m definitely glad I’m not the president! Don’t forget to share on Facebook by… Read More »

Here Are 17 People Who Look Exactly Like Your Beloved Cartoon Characters

Is this real life…or is this is just fantasy? #1.Linguini from Ratatouille #2. Meg Griffin from Family Guy #3. Mr. Burns from The Simpsons #4. Mr Johnsons from Sesame Street #5. Ned Flanders from the Simpsons #6. Peter Griffin from Family Guy #7. Russell From Up #8. Bobby Hill from King of the Hill #9.… Read More »

Creepy Figure Skating Faces – You’ll Never Look at These People The Same Again

The 2014 Sochi Olympics were more than just about weird bathroom stalls, President Putin, and a bunch of medals. The Olympics were also about the “wonderful” faces that were pulled by the Olympics skaters. Beware: these scenes might horrify you! Now…sit back and let the loling begin! “Must look ahead…but also to the side!”  … Read More »