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9 Vintage Life Hacks From the 1900s That Actually Work! Your Great-Grandparents Used These!!

Technology may have come a long way, but there are still some things that remain old school. Back in the 1900s, Gallaher’s Cigarettes came up with these helpful cards that came with every pack of cigarettes. These completely crazy-sounding life hacks from the 1900s actually work…so why not give them a try? #1. Keeping Plants… Read More »

Uhmm…I Can’t Believe What I Just Read – 22 Facts So Weird, So Bizarre That You’ll Regret Having Read Them

This is not for the faint of heart. What you’re about to find out might actually scar you for life so be wary! These facts must have been hidden for a reason – they’re so disturbing you’ll immediately regret reading them. But then again, I know you will because it’s human nature, so here are… Read More »

30 Things That Will Make You Feel Better Instantly. Like Right Now! Go in and See for Yourself!

We’re constantly surrounded by negativity whether it’s in the news, in movies, or just around other people. Smiling and laughing can make us feel more positive and in turn, make us healthier. That’s why these next 30 things will make you feel better instantly – I swear it! #1. We may not realize it, but… Read More »