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15 of the Most Perfect, Destined Encounters Ever…This Was Meant to Be

Sometimes the stars align just perfectly, and that’s when things happen that we wouldn’t even dream of. Is this fate, or just pure coincidence? You be the judge! #1. It’s a dream come true for this girl! #2. Bill frikken Murray #3. Oh god the horror!!! #4. What are the chances?!? #5. Heisenberg chance encounter… Read More »

After Seeing These 27 Pictures, You’ll Cringe HARD

Tempting fate is NOT something you should do, EVER. People often taken very dangerous risks and try to see how far they can really go, but sometimes, that can end in disaster. These next pictures are of people tempting their fate or just doing something really weird and creepy…you’ll see why! #1. I guess WalMart… Read More »