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25 Unbelievably Cute and Tiny Gardens You’ll Want to Get Your Hands On

Who doesn’t love a good garden? And if you haven’t got the space for one, follow these next gardens that could fit right in the palm of your hand! #1. Eggshells #2. Fairy Garden #3. Garden in a book #4. Grow bottle #5. Herb dresser #6. Light bulb garden #7. Moss garden #8. One rock… Read More »

16 of the Most Beautiful Tree Covered Streets on the Planet

Just imagine going for a stroll through any one of these magical streets. Taiwan Tunnel of Love, Romania Valencia, Spain Washington, DC Wisteria Tunnel, Japan Bamboo Forest, Nagano, Japan Bonn, Germany Brisbane, Australia Cullinan, South Africa Denver, USA Jerez, Spain Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece Nafplio, Greece Peloponnese, Greece Positano, Italy Spello, Italy Stockholm, Sweden So magical!… Read More »

13 Stunning Photographs of Lavender Fields From Around the World

Lavender fields forever! Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms, Montague, California Provence, France Snowshill Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England Banstead, Surrey, UK Castle Farm Shoreham, Kent, UK Hertfordshire, UK Lavender Field, Kent, UK Lavender Field near Mt. Shasta, California Lavender Fields, Provence, France Mayfield Lavender Fields, Banstead, Surrey, UK Nothing short of stunning! If you enjoyed this post, please… Read More »

Brace Yourself For the Wonderful World of Orchids. You’ll Instantly Fall in Love.

Who knew orchids were so awesome?! #1. Slipper orchid #2. The naked man orchid #3. Tropical lady’s slipper orchid #4. Veitchs masdevallia #5. White egret orchid #6. Bartholina ethelae #7. Bee orchid #8. Brassavola digbyana #9. Bulbophyllum medusae #10. Bulbophyllum plumatum #11. Bulbophyllum talcatum #12. Burana angel #13. Butterfly orchid #14. Carousel spider orchid #15.… Read More »