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19 Evil April Fool’s Pranks You Can Pull Off on Anyone

Prepare yourself…April fool’s is coming. Toilet paper Universal Apple remote Cream cheese deodorant Balloon facade Candy mixup Caramel onions Cheesy OJ Honking door Horn chair Ketchup mustard switcharoo Lube fakeout Mayo donuts Mentos surprise Minty fresh Oreos Mouse problem Reverse tab The cage copier The hall of water cups The mouthful of ketchup So which… Read More »

Here Are 19 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Your Desk Unattended

Instead of working, these employees decided to prank their co-workers in the worst way possible. Goes to show you can’t trust anyone and that you should never leave your desk unattended. Hmmm…I don’t even think it was April fool’s! #1. Upon returning to your desk, you’ll notice that it has been invested with mice #2.… Read More »

42 Hilarious, Over-The-Top April Fools’ Pranks: You HAVE TO Try At Least One of These!

April Fools’ is tomorrow and that means you have to start preparing NOW. Whether you want to prank your co-workers, your loved ones, or just random strangers, these next pranks might just be your ticket to April Fools domination! #1. Zip tie an aerosol can and throw it in a room…grenade style!      … Read More »