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No, These Animals Were Not Genetically Modified. This Is All Mother Nature’s Work.

Most of these animals were born this way, and despite being deformed, they’ve lived a long, healthy life! Two headed kitten Two headed snake Two headed tortoise Two headed turtle Two legged pig who learned how to walk upright Unicorn cow Bi-pedal lamb Conjoined crocodiles Conjoined gray whales Deformed frog Fluorescent pigs Four legged duck… Read More »

Vintage Photos of Sideshow Circus People Will Give You Nightmares

Back in the day, these poor, deformed people were used in circuses around the world. Lucia Zarate is the smallest person to have ever lived. Seen here, she is 18 years old and only weighed 4lbs! The living skeleton Legless acrobat with his family John Jennings aka the Modern Samson Four Legged Woman Deformed performers… Read More »

8 Freaky Signs That PROVE the Future is NOW

We always tend to think ahead of time. We think about what will happen this weekend, next year, or in 10 years. But if we look very closely, we’ll see that the future is actually NOW. Everything we thought of years and years ago is actually happening right now! Self-driving cars, incredibly smart phones, synthetic… Read More »