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Newly Discovered Photographs Reveal Famous People Hanging Out With One Another

A lot of these next photographs were only recently discovered, depicting a time when celebrities were best buds. Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese hanging out Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, and Burt Reynolds doing an improv routine Sammy Davis Jr. playing with James Dean’s camera Shaq and Arnold Shaq carrying Bill Gates Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol… Read More »

30 Animal Friendships That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Joy. If They Can Be Friends, Why Can’t We?

It’s astounding to see two completely different animal species not only interact with one another, but actually possess a close relationship. #1. A monkey that cares for a cat #2. Rooster and dog #3. Shakira and her dogs #4. Snorkel and Herschel #5. Sox the cat and Liab the lamb #6. Suryia and Roscoe #7.… Read More »

This is NOT Photoshop: Here Are a Bunch Animals Riding Other Animals Because Why Not?

When animals are as cute as they are, they can pretty much do anything and get away with it! They can be bad and destroy everything in your house, and you’ll forgive them because they’re so frikken adorable. In fact, they’re even cute to one another. Case in point, these next pictures of animals riding… Read More »

12 Facebook DONTS! These People Are Seriously Deranged…Especially #9 Hahaha

Facebook is a place for people to interact with one another, occasionally share their thoughts, and of course share some super weird things that shouldn’t even be shared. Well these next people are participated in the latter (sharing some really weird things). If you could learn anything from this, it’s that sometimes it’s better to… Read More »

THIS Will Make You Feel REALLY OLD: Recent Photos of Cast Members from the 90s Most Popular Shows

We all love to reminisce about the good old days, especially when it comes to TV. Show like Full House and Friends will forever remain on our brains, except we’ll all remember them a lot younger. Check out these incredible recent cast photos from the 90s most memorable shows. If this doesn’t make you feel… Read More »

The Fluffy Chicken and the Two-Legged Chihuahua: BFFs – An Unlikely Story

This very white, very fluffy chicken is best friends with this adorable two-legged chihuahua. Penny the chicken and Roo the two-legged Chihuahua, met each other through Alicia Williams, who works at Duluth Animal Hospital in the U.S. She saved both animals from almost certain death. They’ve since been inseparable. Did this melt your heart? If… Read More »

The Most Unlikeliest of Friendships…You Won’t Believe This Odd Pair!

Most dogs (or any other small animals for that matter) would be scared of something as big as an elephant…but not this dog. This dog and elephant have become such good friends, they’re practically inseparable. Bubbles the elephant had lost her parents in the ivory trade. She was then taken to the Myrtle Beach Safari.… Read More »