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24 People Who Really Know How to Do Winter. We Could All Learn A Thing From Them.

Winter is only as bad as you make it! That’s what these people’s mantra probably is? Either way, these next people know how to enjoy themselves even in the freezing cold! This Storm Trooper…get it? 🙂 This woman who knows the importance of a selfie Whoever is driving this monster Whoever will drive THIS car!… Read More »

16 Breathtaking Photographs of Frozen Lakes and Oceans Will Make You Appreciate Winter

Mother winter isn’t all that bad…I mean look at all the beauty she created here! #1. Frozen lake #2. Frozen pond #3. Geometric pond ice in southern Oregon, USA #4. Ice rider in Siberia, Russia #5. Lake Druzhby in Antarctica #6. Lake Michigan, Chicago, USA #7. Lake Monona, Wisconsin #8. Pond in Switzerland #9. Baikal… Read More »

Here Are 8 Celebrities Who Are or Will Be Cryogenically Frozen

All these people want one thing: immortality. The best way to do it? Freeze yourself of course! I imagine the cost of this would be astronomic, but let’s not forget about the fact that no one knows if it’ll even work. So hundreds of years from now (or whenever one chooses to be reanimated) these… Read More »