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Guy Creates Insane Animal Art Using Only Fruits and Veggies

Food artist and wordplay master Al Matthews, has been creating some amazing art. Using only fruits and veggies, he’s been sculpting animals out of them and giving them creative and playful names too! Check out his work below! Swalrus Swedala Avocatoad Cougeko Crabbish Dolphinana Garlicuttlefish Gingeroo Grellyfrish Hippotatomus Kiwi Kiwi Limeardillo Paraffe Pcarrot Peartle Poleriac… Read More »

Guy Creates Insane Art Using Only Bananas. When You See These, You’ll Flip!

Unique and imaginative artist Stephan Brusche was apparently never told not to play with his food. But that’s just fine because from that food playing, came something truly amazing. Stephan uses other fruits as art too, but his favorite is the banana. Let’s check out his amazing work below. And I can barely peel a… Read More »

Artist Combines Drawings With Everyday Objects to Make Incredible Works of Art

Arist Rafael Mantesso is the mastermind behind these incredibly unique art pieces. Simple pencil sketches combined with simple everyday objects make for beautifully minimalist works of art. How cool were they? Share with your friends on Facebook by clicking the button below:)

32 Times When Our Avocado Obsession Got Out of Hand

Have we become too obsessed with the wonderful vegetable that is avocado? Take a look for yourself! #1.Avocado action figure #2. Avocado Ale #3.Avocado baby cocoon #4. Avocado baby quilt #5. Avocado Backpack #6. Avocado cake #7. Avocado car #8. Avocado cat #9. Avocado cozy #10. Avocado earrings #11. Avocado fries…mmmm #12. Avocado greeting card… Read More »