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24 Times The World Became Downright Cruel and Evil Persevered

Why did this happen? Who is behind all this? This mastermind This one-up rewarder Whoever put this outlet sticker here This very thoughtful person This trickster This word search Whoever did this Whoever left this “slice” of pizza This genius This marshmallow thief The messer These diabolical parents These homeowners This alarm setter This anti-piracy… Read More »

27 Brilliant Gadgets That You Need In Your Life Right Now! Once You See These, You Won’t be Able to Live Without Them

I had no idea these inventions existed, but suddenly…I feel like I can’t live without them. #1. Silicone pull tabs for your oven #2. Smartphone door lock #3. To-do tattoo #4. USB sticks to go #5. Water bottle to hold your valuables #6. Water bottle watering can #7. Wine sippy cups for adults #8. Alarm… Read More »

24 Things That Are So Brilliant and So Genius They’ll Leave You Feeling So So Stupid

These people really know how to life. They’ve taken the ordinary, and turned it into the extraordinary. Can you claim to be able to do these things? No, probably not. So why not take a look at these brilliant things and live through these people! #1. Cheating at its finest #2. Just chilling by the… Read More »

Here Are the 26 Most Laziest People on the Planet…But They’re Also Geniuses Too!

They say to work smart, not hard. And I’m pretty sure these people took that meaning to the next level. Not only are they not working, but they are taking easy, mundane, every day things that you and I do, to a different meaning. These people are so lazy that they’ve made the cut for… Read More »

33 Awesome DIY Summer Backyard Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Summer is slowly creeping upon us, and that means it’s time to enjoy the sun! These 32 backyard summer ideas are so great, so awesome, and so ingenious, you’ll NEVER want to leave your backyard! #1. Use salad bowls to make a kick-ass set of speakers. #2. Add a beer cooler to a patio table.… Read More »

17 Brilliant Breakfast Inventions That Will Redefine The Way You Live

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these inventions are JUST the thing you need to make your mornings spectacular! #1. Waffle pops? Yes please! #2. Easy bacon and eggs in the microwave! #3. Bacon bowl? Yes! #4. Bacon. Syrup. Mug. Enough said. #5. All-in-one breakfast. #6. Easy… Read More »

This is NOT What You Think It Is: Look Inside and Your Mind Will be Absolutely Blown!

Meet Ivan Hoo. Ivan is a very very talented person and here’s why! He specializes in creating anamorphic pieces that trick the senses. He chose wood as his canvas as it gives him the ability to work with many different tools, as well as because of its texture. Following in the footsteps of great realists… Read More »

22 Brilliant Ways to Prettify Your House & Hide All the Ugly Stuff

Cords, wires, and just plain ugly things around your house can give you a headache. Enter these clever, or rather, genius ways to improve all the little things that are bugging you! #1. Create these cute little electrical towers from stray wires #2. Use a desk curtain to hide messy cords #3. Decorate old washer… Read More »

26 GENIUS Ways To Recycle Old Things…Can’t Wait to Try #24

Recycling is one of the best and easiest ways you can help our planet stay clean, and what better way than to re-purpose old things that would otherwise see the bottom of a recycling bin! I’ll admit, some of these ideas might be a little hard to achieve (especially by yourself), but you could grab… Read More »