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14 Celebrity Crushes From Your Childhood Who Actually Still Look Good Today

These child stars definitely had the looks and kept them! Leonardo DiCaprio Mark-Paul Gosselaar Rider Strong Tatyana Ali Tiffani Amber Thiessen Will Friedle Christina Applegate Danielle Fishel Jennifer Love Hewitt Johnny Depp Jonathan Taylor Thomas Justin Timberlake Kirsten Dunst Larisa Oleynik If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking the… Read More »

13 People Who Took Beautiful, But Accidental Photos. Photogenic Level = 1000

These people have completely mastered the art of looking good…while doing something hard. So jelly! He won by TCS (Totally Charming Smile) Just crawling through barbed wire…nbd Just gave birth and just been born – looking great! Just hurdling! Partners in crime Playing rugby and still looking great Ridiculously photogenic fighter Running through flames? No… Read More »

These 31 Things Are So Satisfying and So Perfect…It’ll Make Your Week!

Yesterday we showed you 30 of the most cringe worthy pictures. Today though, is entirely different. These 31 pictures are so perfect they’ll make you feel good all over. Get ready to smile! #1. This perfect supermarket aisle #2. This beautiful symmetry #3. When this walking stick found its home #4. These perfectly aligned candies… Read More »

25 Times Graffiti Was Actually Inspiring…You Can’t Call THIS Vandalism

Graffiti: for the most part, it doesn’t look too pretty; it makes our neighborhoods look dirty and sends negative messages. But THIS graffiti is something entirely different. It’s not negative at all: in fact, it’s extremely positive. These 25 people really took vandalism to a whole new level. And now, we can’t even call it… Read More »

The Absolute Best and Worst 4th of July Cakes

In honor of 4th of July (HAPPY FRIKKEN BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!) we decided to gather round some of the best and worst 4th of July cakes we have ever seen. Now America is known for its freedom and awesome star-spangled banner, but now it’ll be known for its 50/50 cake making as well. Either way, enjoy… Read More »

29 Dogs Who Are Manipulative, Sneaky, And Up To No Good – Watch Yourself!

Cats aren’t the only ones who can be manipulative – dogs have their own way too! Watch your back as these dogs are most definitely up to something…and it’s not good! #1. This might take a while… #2. “Just wait till he finds that turd I hid!” #3. This is just asking for it! #4.… Read More »