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29 Genius Bike Accessories for the Bike Lover in Your Life

Got a friend who loves bikes and biking? Better yet, are you a bicycle fan? Then these quirky gifts are just the thing for you! Bike cookie cutter Bike gear cog coasters Bike glasses Bike lighting system Bike planters Bike soup Bike wheel clock Charger for your bike Elevated bike rack Fruit bike bells Glowing… Read More »

Designer Creates Adorable Guide to Dog Breeds By Geographical Area

Artist Lili Chin has created an ultra cute series of illustrations called Dogs of the World in which over 200 dogs are separated by their geographical area. Middle Eastern Dogs Nordic Dogs Russian Dogs Scottish Dogs Swiss Dogs Welsh Dogs African Dogs American Dogs Asian Dogs Australian Dogs Belgian Dogs Canadian Dogs Dutch Dogs Eastern… Read More »

How to Properly Pet ANY Animal: A Step by Step Guide

Do you often wonder: “Where exactly would I pet a bear?” Does he like getting his belly rubbed or not? Well now you’re in luck because we’ve scoured the net to find you the ultimate animal-petting diagram with everything you need to know! Now, you’ll be an animal petting expert. Le the petting begin! Got… Read More »