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14 People Who Thought Outside the Box – Life Hacks At Their Most Extreme

These next people really know how to live life. #1. Playing checkers with food items #2. Saving money on water by bathing in a backhoe #3. Use dental floss to slice cheese easily #4. Use empty cans to decorate your balcony #5. Tired of your tires popping? Use kegs instead! #6. Use pasta sticks to… Read More »

9 Vintage Life Hacks From the 1900s That Actually Work! Your Great-Grandparents Used These!!

Technology may have come a long way, but there are still some things that remain old school. Back in the 1900s, Gallaher’s Cigarettes came up with these helpful cards that came with every pack of cigarettes. These completely crazy-sounding life hacks from the 1900s actually work…so why not give them a try? #1. Keeping Plants… Read More »

Bad Hair Day? 22 Lazy Hair Hacks

Having a bad hair day? Check out these 22 lazy hair hacks that’ll save you time and have you looking fabulous! #1. Separate, tie a knot and voila! #2. Save time on drying and styling with a hot airbrush #3. Yes this does exist – a hands-free hair dryer! #4. A half-done braid works great… Read More »

18 Life Hacks that Will Simplify Your Life – #18 Might Even CHANGE Your Life!

There is so much good information out there – things we would have never thought of that could make our lives a little easier. These next 18 “life hacks” have been tested and proved by millions of people who, just like you, just ain’t got time for that! #1. How to Tell When an Avocado… Read More »