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This is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like With Realistic Hair

We all know Disney princesses aren’t too real, and that’s okay! But it’s just fun to see what they would actually look like in real life. What if they had real hair like you and I? I bet it wouldn’t look that majestic all the time! Jasmine Jasmine with realistic hair volume Mulan Mulan with… Read More »

If There’s One Thing You Check Out Today, It’s This Guy’s Epic Beards. They’ll Leave You Shocked!

Mr. Increbibeard, aka Isaiah Webb has been growing some incredibly awesome beards since 2012. This year, he’s come up with even more elaborate beard styles and they’ll leave you stunned! Now THAT is a real beard! Don’t forget to share this awesome post 🙂

18 Animals Who Have Way Better Hair Than You. You Should Be Jealous

These animals have the most majestic hair you’ve ever seen! #1. Mary River Turtle with punk algae mane #2. Mangalica #3. Long haired guinea pig #4. Komodor the mop dog #5. Hairy Caterpillar #6. Gypsy Vanner Horse #7. Fluffy Hamster #8. Fluffy cow #9. Duster Budgie #10. Curly Haired Pigeon #11. Angora Rabbit #12. Afghan… Read More »

Birds Are Given Beautiful, Coiffed Wigs In The Name of Art

So these artists worked together on a project called Coiffure le Bird where, you guessed it, birds got incredible dos. These 3 birds you’re about to see look surprisingly natural in their new dos. Is it just or me, or do these birds actually look better than some people? Don’t forget to share with your… Read More »

14 Horrendously Mortifying Pictures of You When You Were a Kid. Can’t. Even. Look.

These photographs are just downright embarrassing! Shame! #1. That time you wore a genie costume in your class pictures. *Shudder* #2. That time you and your equally awkward brother wore awkwardly matching outfits. #3. When your mom made you look like a dork. #4. When you sported these mom jeans way before your time. #5.… Read More »

Bad Hair Day? 22 Lazy Hair Hacks

Having a bad hair day? Check out these 22 lazy hair hacks that’ll save you time and have you looking fabulous! #1. Separate, tie a knot and voila! #2. Save time on drying and styling with a hot airbrush #3. Yes this does exist – a hands-free hair dryer! #4. A half-done braid works great… Read More »