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29 Genius Bike Accessories for the Bike Lover in Your Life

Got a friend who loves bikes and biking? Better yet, are you a bicycle fan? Then these quirky gifts are just the thing for you! Bike cookie cutter Bike gear cog coasters Bike glasses Bike lighting system Bike planters Bike soup Bike wheel clock Charger for your bike Elevated bike rack Fruit bike bells Glowing… Read More »

17 Clever Innovations That Need to Make Their Way Everywhere

Do you want a world of luxury and comfort? Well then look no further my friends – these innovations ARE here…but they’re not everywhere! Let’s make it happen! #1. Pen that lets you scan and write in any color #2. Stairs with slides #3. Traffic lights countdown indicator #4. Wall outlets with USB chargers #5.… Read More »

14 Useless Pet Accessories That You Need RIGHT NOW! These Are Too Cute For Words.

Your pets are your kids so why not treat them to a little something special? #1. Pet library bed #2. Luxury dog bed #3. Necktie #4. Pet umbrella #5. Pet facetime #6. Pet trailers #7. Safety harness #8. Smile ball #9. Water fountain #10. Dog house sofa #11. Dog fence peek #12. Doggy moustache #13.… Read More »

27 Brilliant Gadgets That You Need In Your Life Right Now! Once You See These, You Won’t be Able to Live Without Them

I had no idea these inventions existed, but suddenly…I feel like I can’t live without them. #1. Silicone pull tabs for your oven #2. Smartphone door lock #3. To-do tattoo #4. USB sticks to go #5. Water bottle to hold your valuables #6. Water bottle watering can #7. Wine sippy cups for adults #8. Alarm… Read More »

Bacon Jewelry is Now a Thing. You’ll Definitely Want a Piece of THIS Bacon!

Bacon is great for anytime of the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, and even desert. But what about fashion? Where does bacon fit in fashion?! Well now you can wear bacon jewelry. From very realistic bacon jewelry, to just plain silly ones, you’ll want a a piece of these accessories! Bacon earrings Bacon headband Bacon… Read More »