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If You Want to Get Away From It All, These Are The Places You NEED To Go To! Serenity Found!

Whoever lives in these places, doesn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle whatsoever! And why should they? Look at the beautiful places they live in – I wouldn’t mind staying at a few for a little while. Thousand Islands, Canada Trabocchi, Abruzzo Trollanes, Faroe Islands Unknown location Urup Island, Russia Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland Ait Benhaddou, Morocco California,… Read More »

Photographs of Kids From Around the World Reveal What Foods They Each Eat For Breakfast

Think all breakfast is the same? Think again. Each of these kids from different countries eat something entirely different for breakfast – and it’s fascinating to see! Malawi Paris Tokyo Amsterdam Brazil Iceland Istanbul Fascinating, isn’t it? Please share with your friends on Facebook by clicking the button below:)

Top 19 Answers Revealed: “If the World Were to End, What Would be Your Top Destinations?”

, Many people make bucket lists today, and it seems like at the top of every bucket list (or even filling most of the bucket list) are travel destinations. These amazing destinations are the PERFECT places for you to visit before the end of the world. Inspiring, jaw-dropping, and nothing short of amazing, these are… Read More »