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20 of The WORST DIY Repairs – These People Were Seriously Derranged

You have to admire the fact that people TRY to fix things themselves before calling a professional, but sometimes, that doesn’t always work out too well. Take these people for example. Maybe they didn’t have money to get their stuff fixed, or maybe they just tried to be the handyman for the day. Whatever the… Read More »

THIS Will Make You Feel REALLY OLD: Recent Photos of Cast Members from the 90s Most Popular Shows

We all love to reminisce about the good old days, especially when it comes to TV. Show like Full House and Friends will forever remain on our brains, except we’ll all remember them a lot younger. Check out these incredible recent cast photos from the 90s most memorable shows. If this doesn’t make you feel… Read More »

18 Terrible Home Improvement Jobs

It’s safe to say that whoever installed any one of the following fixtures, should never be allowed to do so again! Check out these crazy terrible home improvement jobs! #1. Ghetto light fixture #2. The toilet paper roll of deeath! #3. Terrible placing! #4. Awkward much? #5. This Louis Vuitton house…very stylish #6. Environmentally-friendly driveway!… Read More »