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29 of the World’s Most Beautiful Bridges. You’ll Definitely Want to Check These Out

Bridges are and always have been feats of engineering. These next bridges are that and so much more. #1. Rainbow Bridge, Taiwan #2. Rakotzbrucke, Germany #3. Sahara Bridge, Yemen #4. San Juan de Gastelugatxe, Spain #5. Tbilisi Glass Bridge, Georgia #6. Tree Root Bridge, India #7. Ancient Bridge, Southern France #8. Animal Crossing Bridge, Netherlands… Read More »

34 Beautiful Photographs of Vineyards From All Over the Place

Pour yourself a glass of wine, kick back, and enjoy these stunning vineyard photographs. #1. Verzenay, Northeastern France Vineyard #2. Trigny, Champagne, France #3. Train Trak Vineyard, Yarra Valley, Australia #4. St. Emilion Vineyard, France #5. Porrera, Priorat County, Catalonia #6. Penngrove Vineyards, Sonoma County #7. Palava, Czech Republic #8. Napa Valley Vineyard, California #9.… Read More »

35 Photos of Thunderstorms That Show the Incredible Power of Nature

This is nature at its most fierce. Somewhere in the USA Southwestern Australia Sydney, Australia Texas, USA Western Africa Arizona, USA Bangkok, Thailand Brian Head, Utah, USA Cagliary, Italy Chaiten, Chile Chicago, Illinois, USA Childress, Texas Death Valley, California, USA Denver, Colorado, USA Dixie Rock, Utah, USA False Kiva, Utah, USA Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA… Read More »

21 Rare and Incredible Weather Phenomena That You Never Knew About

Our planet is so amazing and unique, and these phenomena prove it even more. #1. Catatumbo Lighting – At the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela, a very unique mass of storm clouds swirls, creating the rare spectacle known as Catatumbo lightning. The storm occurs up to 160 nights a year, 10 hours per… Read More »

15 of the Most Perfect, Destined Encounters Ever…This Was Meant to Be

Sometimes the stars align just perfectly, and that’s when things happen that we wouldn’t even dream of. Is this fate, or just pure coincidence? You be the judge! #1. It’s a dream come true for this girl! #2. Bill frikken Murray #3. Oh god the horror!!! #4. What are the chances?!? #5. Heisenberg chance encounter… Read More »

Presenting…The HUMAN SLINKY – Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Insanity!!!

If you’ve ever played with a slinky, you know how crazy and fluid they are. But have you ever seen a HUMAN slinky? Well this guy that auditioned for America’s Got Talent IS THE REAL HUMAN FRIKKEN SLINKY. #mindtotallyblown Wtf just happened there? Did you see that? Share the insanity!!!

Here Are 25 Insane Things That Aren’t Man Made…But Animal Made – Whoa I’m Speechless

When we think of structures, our minds usually wander to “man made” things, but we often forget to think about animals. Animals are just as capable, if not more, of building intricate structures. These 25 animal-built structures are shocking to say the least – I had no idea they were capable of such feats! #1.… Read More »

I Thought Superheroes Didn’t Exist Until I Saw THESE People CAUGHT ON CAMERA…Especially the Last One WOW

We all know superheroes don’t exist…at least not the type we see in movies. But THESE superheroes are BETTER than the fake ones tenfold! These heroes are dad heroes! Every single one of these dads was caught on camera making an incredible save and it took guts, insane reflexes, and absolutely no fear to do… Read More »

These INSANE Perspective Pics WILL Make You Question Reality…WOW

We’ve all seen those perspective photos, especially in super popular spots such as the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Those perspective pictures are taken in such a way as to make an object look a lot smaller or a lot bigger. Usually, the person in the picture will make themselves look bigger… Read More »

This Baby Was Pronounced DEAD by Doctors, But Then Mom Held Him and OMG

If you’re ever in need of a heart-warming story, then this is it. When Kate Ogg had to deliver her baby 27 weeks early, her baby boy Jamie did not make it and was pronounced dead by doctors just minutes after having been born. After Jamie was pronounced dead, Kate asked the doctors if she… Read More »

Millions of Ants Try to Save Their Queen…This is INCREDIBLE

What these ants did for their queen is truly remarkable. This footage was filmed by Steve Kim in Houston Texas. After a downpour, sections of the George Bush Park got flooded, and a huge colony of ants did everything they could to keep their queen alive. We all know ants are incredible when it comes… Read More »

These 17 Inventions Prove That The Future Really is NOW!

Some of the things in this list we know about, and we’ve gotten used to them. But we never actually stop to think how amazing they really are. Other things on this list…I didn’t even know existed! #1. Smart Dictionary #2. The smartphone…what a breakthrough! #3. Digital menu #4. Tesla driving display #5. The world’s… Read More »

Take a Stroll Through the Streets of Vietnam and…WOW This is CRAZY!

We’re so accustomed to our Western style of life, that we sometimes tend to forget how others live in different parts of the world. Take Vietnam, for example, where their main way of transportation is a motorcycle or scooter. It’s much more economical than a car and apparently, they can carry anything on there! So… Read More »

21 Super High Tech Camouflaged Animals: These Are CRAZY!

You may want to watch your step next time you go outside because you never know who could be hiding in plain sight. These next animals are simply unbelievable and they go to show how incredible nature really is. #1. Camo octopus #2. Camo spider #3. Camo spider #2 #4. Camo animal? #5. Camo bug… Read More »

Amazing Dad Captures Incredible & Creative Photos of His Daughters

This dad might just be one of the coolest around! John Wilhelm, a 44-year-old IT director at a Swiss university loves photography. And who better to photograph than his 3 daughters? John gets very creative, and says that he has no desire to do this professionally, quoting “then what would my hobby be?” Please share… Read More »