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Bet You Didn’t Know These Celebrities’ Real Names. They’re Just as Boring As Ours!

Think Lady Gaga was actually born with that name? Get real! #1. Lorde #2. Meat Loaf #3. Moby #4. Pink #5. Queen Latifah #6. Rihanna #7. Sir Mix-a-Lot #8. Skrillex #9. Snoop Dogg #10. Sting #11. 50 Cent #12. Avicii #13. Bruno Mars #14. Calvin Harris #15. Deadmau5 #16. Dr. Dre #17. Drake #18. Elton… Read More »

22 Amazing Bus Stops That You’ll Actually Want to Wait At

Bus stops…are now exciting. #1. Salvaged school bus stop in Atlanta #2. Scale of Shame in Amsterdam #3. Skateboard stop in Denmark #4. Vertical garden stop in Netherlands #5. Amazing Whale Jaw in Holland #6. Bus Home in California #7. Bus stop symbiosis in Portugal #8. Bus typography in Baltimore #9. Candle snuffer in Estonia… Read More »

Brace Yourself For the Wonderful World of Orchids. You’ll Instantly Fall in Love.

Who knew orchids were so awesome?! #1. Slipper orchid #2. The naked man orchid #3. Tropical lady’s slipper orchid #4. Veitchs masdevallia #5. White egret orchid #6. Bartholina ethelae #7. Bee orchid #8. Brassavola digbyana #9. Bulbophyllum medusae #10. Bulbophyllum plumatum #11. Bulbophyllum talcatum #12. Burana angel #13. Butterfly orchid #14. Carousel spider orchid #15.… Read More »

Before Apple Was Cool, They Sold These Super Weird Things. But #4…WTF

Apple is known around the world for their clean, sleek designs and user-friendly interface, but before they made it big Apple was into some weird shit. Check out these 14 products that Apple used to produce. What the hell? #1. Apple Playing Cards #2. Apple Seat Cushions (for stadiums) #3. Apple Swiss Army Knife #4.… Read More »

13 Baby Items That Adults Can Benefit From

These next 13 items aren’t just for babies…they’re for adults too! #1. Gripe water is great for upset stomach in adults #2. Looking for a low calorie snack? These Puffs are amazing #3. Believe it or not, nipple butter is incredible for chapped lips #4. Pedialyte works wonders for hangovers #5. Use baby shampoo to… Read More »

Here is What Street Style Looks Like In Its Most Literal Form

When you think of street style, what pops into your mind? Most likely, big city street styles, such as New York’s, right? But designers Isla Belle Murray and Jessica Saia have a totally different view of street style. The decided to photograph REAL street style, not “People Style, Outdoors”, as they call it. So they… Read More »

9 Vintage Life Hacks From the 1900s That Actually Work! Your Great-Grandparents Used These!!

Technology may have come a long way, but there are still some things that remain old school. Back in the 1900s, Gallaher’s Cigarettes came up with these helpful cards that came with every pack of cigarettes. These completely crazy-sounding life hacks from the 1900s actually work…so why not give them a try? #1. Keeping Plants… Read More »

Here Are 33 Thoughts You’ve Probably Never Had – These Will Make You Rethink EVERYTHING!

You know when you’re laying in bed late at night or taking a shower and all of a sudden these crazy, but oh so true thoughts come to your mind? Well this is exactly what this is. Reddit’s “Shower Thoughts” is a compilation of thoughts that you probably never had, but once you set your… Read More »

Uhmm…I Can’t Believe What I Just Read – 22 Facts So Weird, So Bizarre That You’ll Regret Having Read Them

This is not for the faint of heart. What you’re about to find out might actually scar you for life so be wary! These facts must have been hidden for a reason – they’re so disturbing you’ll immediately regret reading them. But then again, I know you will because it’s human nature, so here are… Read More »

You’d Think These Photos From the 30s Aren’t Real…But They Are – Especially #13

The 30s proved to be a very crazy decade, but these photos are PROOF that the 30s were much more than that. #1. Satellite Navigation #2. Skater with safety cushion #3. Stalin pulling a face #4. The models for American gothic #5. Alfred Hitchcock in LA #6. Bonnie and Clyde #7. Bullets for Hitler #8.… Read More »

Scientists Just Discovered a New Elephant Species…And It’s the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day!

Scientists have just discovered a new species of elephant…and it’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day! Granted it’s not an actual elephant, but an elephant shrew, this cutie will still bring warmth into your heart. It was discovered in the northwest deserts of Namibia and it took scientists 6 years to classify this… Read More »

Here Are 24 Of the Most Imaginative Cups And Mugs Ever Created

Do you like coffee? Do you like tea? Well if you like either one of those, you must like cups and mugs too! These cups and mugs are some of the most uniquely awesome creations you will ever see. You’ll never want to use your boring old mug again! #1. Mugtail Mugs #2. Moustache protector… Read More »