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Here is What 30 of Your Fave Disney Charcaters’ REAL Faces Look Like. The Voice Behind the Cartoon

Who IS the voice behind the character? Let’s find out! Sebastian: Samuel E. Wright The Beast: Robby Benson Tiana: Anika Noni Rose Ursula: Pat Carroll Winnie the Pooh: Sterling Holloway Yzma: Eartha Kitt Aladdin: Scott Weinger Alice in Wonderland: Kathryn Beaumont Ariel: Jodi Benson Bambi: Donnie Dunagan Belle: Paige Ohara Captain Hook: Hans Conried Cinderella:… Read More »

26 Animals That Prove: The Struggle IS Real #8 is HILARIOUS hahaha

Humans aren’t the only ones who struggle – animals do too! Take these animals for instance: they’re obviously experiencing tons of discomfort and although we wish we could help them, but also can’t help but laugh a little. After all, they are pretty cute! #1. This dog who realized what was about to happen #2.… Read More »