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Mosaic Sushi Art Is Now A Thing And You’ll Definitely Want a Bite

As if sushi wasn’t already glorious enough, Japan has now graced us with mosaic sushi art! So what exactly is mosaic sushi art? Well, as you can see from the pictures below, it’s a form of art using sushi. So instead of just placing sushi on a plate, you’d place it in a box, therefore… Read More »

Japanese Restaurants Are Now Serving “Dam Curry Rice” That Will Literally Flood Your Plate

Japan has always been known for their artistry in the kitchen, and this is yet another reason why you need to visit Japan. These very playful plates are created in the style of a dam, (which is the rice). Once that dam is broken, your curry sauce will flood right in! Looks amazing! Don’t forget… Read More »

16 Weird Pepsi Flavors That Are Only Available in Japan.

This really makes you think about the fact that the Japanese have super weird taste buds. #1. Pepsi Shiso – Minty Flavor #2. Pepsi Shot – With a high dose of caffeine \ #3. Pepsi Yogurt #4. Salty Watermelon Pepsi #5. Azuki Pepsi #6. Black Lemon Pepsi #7. Blue Hawaiian Pepsi #8. Carnival Pepsi –… Read More »

31 Strange Flavored Food Products You CAN’T Get in The US. Most of These, Are Very Gross!

Sure, we have Vanilla Coke and Cheddar flavored Doritos, but that’s boring, right? Check out these countries that have the wildest flavors of foods you’d never expect. Squid ink infused black burger at Burger King in Japan Tomato and carrot ice cream in Japan Wasabi cheese and seaweed cheese at Dunkin Donuts in Singapore Wasabi… Read More »

14 Japanese Inspired Dishes That Are So Adorable, You’d Find it Hard to Eat Them

Okay, so I’d probably still eat them, but gaaah they’re sooo cute! #1. Llama Curry #2. Marshmallows in Coffee #3. Panda Sushi #4. Penguin Sushi #5. Polar Bear Curry #6. Rice Pandas in Curry #7. Rice Polar Bear #8. Sleeping Egg Cats #9. Sleepy Rice Bear #10. Bunny Bread #11. Cat Doughnuts #12. Cat Fish… Read More »

Japan Has Done It Again. You’ll Never Eat Bread The Same Way Again. Thank You Japan, Thank You So Much.

Japan is the land of crazy inventions, and this one’s no stranger. The only problem is that I want it, and so will you. Your bread meals will be a billion times better with these bread toast stamper that’s shaped into a bear. Because why not? More than just perforating the outline of an adorable… Read More »

Even if You Don’t Smoke, You HAVE to go to This Cigarette Shop

You may not be a smoker, but throw all that out the window and go check out this cigarette store! No, we’re not encouraging you to start smoking – it’s a horrible habit! But nevertheless, you have to just visit this store to see what I’m talking about. Because when you go to this shop,… Read More »

AMAZING, Eye-Opening Photos: See How Much Each Country Spends on Groceries a Week!

We all know how much we spend on groceries each month, but have you ever thought about how much money other countries spend? These amazing photos show you just that: how many groceries each country consumes per week and for how much. Japan $317/week Italy $260/week India $39/week Guatemala $75/week Greenland $277/week Germany $325/week Great Britain… Read More »