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Chef on Instagram Transforms Junk Food Into Expensive Looking, Gourmet Meals

We’re not quite sure who exactly this mystery chef is, but he/she can definitely transform your regular junk into something stunning. Take a look! S’mores Made with Marshmallow Peeps, Graham Cracker Pastry Cream, Generic Brand Chocolat Cake from the Freezer Section and Banana Popsicle Chunks Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins, Birthday Cake Oreo Soil, Snickers HachĂ©, Shamrock… Read More »

18 Of The Most Awesome Kitchen Gadgets For the Geek In You

If you’re cooking with any one of these kitchen gadgets, you’ve won! #1. Game of Thrones Dragon Egg cookie jar #2. Harry Potter teaspoon #3. Keyboard waffle iron #4. Khal and Khaleesi mugs #5. Lego cup holder #6. Lord of the Rings magic mug #7. Nessie ladle #8. Pacman magic mug #9. Pi pizza cutter… Read More »

Mesmerizing Fish Tanks For Your Home. When You See These, You’ll Die

These aren’t your regular 10 gallon tanks! Billiard room fish tank Room separator fish tank Stairs fish tank Turtle tank Wall fish tanks Fireplace tanks Bar fish tank Bathroom sink tank Bathroom fish tank Amazing shape tank Coral reef goodness Cupboard fish tank Cylinder tank Dinning room fish tank End table tank Grand entrance fish… Read More »

These 13 Food Combinations Will Make You Drool Like Nothing Else…and Also Give You Diabetes

Sure these next foods are horribly bad for you, but they’re also the stuff your dreams are made of. #1. The meat mountain sandwich #2. Mexican funnel cake churros, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberries #3. Monster baby meat sandwich #4. Pizza burger #5. Tony’s BLT comprised of 1lb of bacon #6. Bacon wrapped chicken… Read More »

9 Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Blow You Away. Where Have These Been All My Life?

Whether you’re a chef or someone who can’t even toast bread, you’ll definitely want these gadgets in your kitchen! #1. The Ham Dogger – This thing will set you back only $7.98, and you’ll be able to make dog shaped meats in no time! #2. Heidolph VV Micro Evaporator – For $3,000, the Heidolph VV… Read More »

27 Brilliant Gadgets That You Need In Your Life Right Now! Once You See These, You Won’t be Able to Live Without Them

I had no idea these inventions existed, but suddenly…I feel like I can’t live without them. #1. Silicone pull tabs for your oven #2. Smartphone door lock #3. To-do tattoo #4. USB sticks to go #5. Water bottle to hold your valuables #6. Water bottle watering can #7. Wine sippy cups for adults #8. Alarm… Read More »

50 Food Monstrosities: These People Should NEVER Be Allowed in the Kitchen Again

Not all of us can cook like chefs, but I believe that most humans are capable of cooking basic things and doing so without incident, right? WRONG! These 50 pictures prove that maybe humans weren’t meant to cook…at least these ones. STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING! #1. String cheese dogs #2. Swirl… Read More »

25 Kitchen Inventions That You NEED in Your Life…Some Are Kinda Weird Though

There’s nothing more I love than staying up late and watching infomercials…especially the ones where they show the coolest and latest kitchen gadgets. Anyone with me on this one? Well even if you won’t admit it, you secretly LOVE kitchen gadgets. Some of them are useless, some of them are weird, and most of them… Read More »

Here Are 24 Of the Most Imaginative Cups And Mugs Ever Created

Do you like coffee? Do you like tea? Well if you like either one of those, you must like cups and mugs too! These cups and mugs are some of the most uniquely awesome creations you will ever see. You’ll never want to use your boring old mug again! #1. Mugtail Mugs #2. Moustache protector… Read More »

34 Two-Ingredient Recipes You Can Whip Up In MINUTES!

There is nothing more exciting than whipping up something quick and delicious with the use of just 2 ingredients! Don’t believe me? See below for some of the world’s simplest, but certainly delicious, recipes (okay, mostly deserts),  that you can make in just minutes. #1. Strawberry Fudge                  â€¦ Read More »