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20 Pictures Featuring The Most Adorable Kittens You’ve Ever Seen

Kittens…they make our lives just a little bit better each day. With their cute little faces, purring tummies, and perfect little paws, there’s nothing more comforting and aww-worthy than a tiny, fluffy little kitten. So with that said, here are 20 pictures featuring the most adorable kittens you’ve ever seen. 20 Pictures Featuring The Most… Read More »

Man With 18 Cats Spends $35,000 to Remake His Home…And You Won’t Believe What Condition It’s In!

We’ve all heard of crazy cat lady…but could this be crazy cat man? You betcha! An unidentified California homeowner is crazy for his cats! It’s not clear who this home is better for, the owner or the 18 cats he lives with. Spiral ramps, walkways, scratching posts, miniature stairways, crawlspaces and other awesome details designed… Read More »

Bad Kitty! Here are 18 Cats That Got Caught & Put to Shame!

Cats sure do have big personalities…and this is probably why you can’t have nice things! #1. Rocky cat #2. Man-hating cat #3. Hair accessory monster #4. This cat does not care about you getting well #5. The cheese-burglar! #6. Technology hater #7. Economy cat #8. Generous cat & ungrateful owner! #9. Swiffer cat #10. Fishy… Read More »

30 Tiny Pets Wrapped Up Like Burritos <-- Warning: Cuteness Overload!

Do you enjoy burritos? Do you enjoy animals? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Brace yourselves for cuteness overload with these 30 burrito-wrapped animals. #1. Three kitteh burritos coming right up!               #2. Fresh outta the oven!                    … Read More »