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20 Pictures Featuring The Most Adorable Kittens You’ve Ever Seen

Kittens…they make our lives just a little bit better each day. With their cute little faces, purring tummies, and perfect little paws, there’s nothing more comforting and aww-worthy than a tiny, fluffy little kitten. So with that said, here are 20 pictures featuring the most adorable kittens you’ve ever seen. 20 Pictures Featuring The Most… Read More »

The Newest Internet Trend is to Wear a Cat On Your Head. So Here Are 29 People With Cats on Their Heads

It’s going absolutely viral – cat on your head. Everyone and their mom is doing it, so without any further ado here are 29 people who are graciously donning a cat on their head. Enjoy! Meow! Well that was a little strange, no? If you enjoyed this post though, please share with the world 🙂

Meet The World’s MOST FEARLESS Cat – Would YOU do the Things She Does?

Meet Millie and Craig – two of the bestest friends you will ever set your eyes on. Craig Armstrong is an avid rock climber and explorer, and Millie is his adopted cat who follows him everywhere. Although Craig climbs some pretty high mountains and treks through dangerous terrain, Millie is right behind him. Naturally, cats… Read More »

When Pets Hiccup…10 Adorable Gifs That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Humans aren’t the only ones who hiccup…our pets do that too! Here we have an adorable assortment of puppies, kittens, and even a seal who has the hiccups badly! #1. Sleeping kitty hiccups #2. He’s got the baaad hiccups #3. Corgi hiccup #4. French bulldog puppy hiccup #5. Newborn golden retriever hiccups #6. Hiccup cat… Read More »

30 Tiny Pets Wrapped Up Like Burritos <-- Warning: Cuteness Overload!

Do you enjoy burritos? Do you enjoy animals? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Brace yourselves for cuteness overload with these 30 burrito-wrapped animals. #1. Three kitteh burritos coming right up!               #2. Fresh outta the oven!                    … Read More »

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Here are 14 Adorable Kittens Who Can’t Wait to Have a Pint With You!

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing: pictures of adorable kittens in adorable festive outfits of course. And…maybe some drinking. Ok HEAVY drinking. So enjoy a pint of Guinness with these awesome little leprechauns! #1.Happy St. Paddy’s Day From the Drunkest Cat at the Pub!        … Read More »