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Guy Takes Magical Photographs Of The Insects In His Backyard

Even though you may not like insects, these photographs will shine a new light on them. Sunrise friends Swirly The Emperor Tickle me Wonderland Celestial conductor Down the rabbit hole Inside a snowglobe Make slime not war Moonriver Narcissus Red planet evolution Smile like you mean it See? Insects aren’t all that bad! Don’t forget… Read More »

Incredible Macro Photography of Dew Drops on Spider Webs Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Who ever could have thought that spider webs were beautiful? Certainly not I! But world renown Italian photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza has managed to do just that: capture incredible detail through the dew on spider webs. Using macro photography along with some amazing talent, Panizza has managed to capture the small, intricate images that peer… Read More »

Enter The Wonderful, Tiny World of Ants – This is NOT Photoshop

You might think these photos aren’t real, but you’d be wrong. This beautiful, tiny world of ants was captured live, using macro photography.Russian artist Andrey Pavlov spends hours setting up his little ant friends and their surrounding and then simply photographs them. Amazing or what? If you enjoyed this mystical world of ants, please share… Read More »

Enter The Tiny, Mystical World of Snails; I was Blown Away!

In a world where we take things for granted and barely have time to appreciate the little things, this guy managed to capture something beautiful. Ukranian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko captures the tiny, magical world of snails using macro photography. What comes out is truly fascinating in a way I’d never imagined. Don’t forget to share… Read More »