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Taiwanese Artist Creates Magical Illustrations That Will Float You Away

If you’re ever feeling a little low, browse through Taiwanese illustrator Little Oil’s art. These whimsical and magical collections are his brainchild, and they’re supposed to put a smile on your face. Simple as that! So take a look at these wonderful illustrations! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share 🙂

Guy Takes Magical Photographs Of The Insects In His Backyard

Even though you may not like insects, these photographs will shine a new light on them. Sunrise friends Swirly The Emperor Tickle me Wonderland Celestial conductor Down the rabbit hole Inside a snowglobe Make slime not war Moonriver Narcissus Red planet evolution Smile like you mean it See? Insects aren’t all that bad! Don’t forget… Read More »

Just a Short Walk Through These Woods, And You’ll Think You’re In Some Magical, Enchanted Forest

If you happen to take a trip to France anytime soon, make sure you check out these enchanted forests. La Colle sur Loup and Mougins in Southern France are amazing forests you can walk through…but they’re not your typical forests. Spencer Byles, the mastermind behind these forests, used sustainable and bio-degradable materials to transform ordinary… Read More »

16 of the Most Beautiful Tree Covered Streets on the Planet

Just imagine going for a stroll through any one of these magical streets. Taiwan Tunnel of Love, Romania Valencia, Spain Washington, DC Wisteria Tunnel, Japan Bamboo Forest, Nagano, Japan Bonn, Germany Brisbane, Australia Cullinan, South Africa Denver, USA Jerez, Spain Molyvos, Lesvos, Greece Nafplio, Greece Peloponnese, Greece Positano, Italy Spello, Italy Stockholm, Sweden So magical!… Read More »

Photographer Takes Magical Photographs of Mushrooms Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Photographer and sports enthusiast Martin Pfister, has found a creative and magical way to shoot mushrooms. Using tiny LED lights that he carefully placed behind the mushrooms, Martin was able to photograph these fungi in a magical and other worldly way. Simply magical! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share with others on… Read More »

20 of the Most Beautiful and Magical Caves in The World

There’s something very magical and mysterious about caves. Melissani Cave, Greece Naica Mine, Mexico Poarta Lui Ionele Cave, Romania Postojna Cave, Slovenia Reed Flute Cave, China Son Doong Cave, Vietnam Temimina Cave, Brazil Thailand Batu Caves, Malaysia Blue Cave, Croatia Cave in Bulgaria Morocco Cave in South Africa Cavernas de Marmol, Chile Crystal Caves, Bermuda… Read More »

This is What Happens When People Abandon Buildings…I am in Awe and Shock

There are so many buildings and structures in the world that people have just abandoned, but what happens to them after,is truly astounding. Nature begins to take over its territory once again, and it’s absolutely magical…see for yourself! #1. Wonderland Amusement Park outside Beijing, China #2. 15th century monastery in Black Forest, Germany #3. 1984… Read More »

OMG…This is THE Place to Be – Welcome Back to Your Childhood!

Even though you might be an adult now, your inner child is still there yearning for just a few moments of innocence. Enter this amazing treehouse – it’s everything you AND your inner child have been waiting for. With its sleek design, modern interior, and totally awesome surroundings, it’s everything you need for a relaxing… Read More »

Enter The Tiny, Mystical World of Snails; I was Blown Away!

In a world where we take things for granted and barely have time to appreciate the little things, this guy managed to capture something beautiful. Ukranian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko captures the tiny, magical world of snails using macro photography. What comes out is truly fascinating in a way I’d never imagined. Don’t forget to share… Read More »