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Artist Sculpts Microscopic Things Inside Needle Eyes And It’s Amazing

Artist Willard Wigan has come up with a completely new and absurd concept: needle eye sculpting. It’s hard enough just getting thread through the needle, let alone sculpt things inside of it! Little Miss Muffet Nine Camels Olympic Torch Pieta Tailor of Gloucester Tango The Chariot Bowler Hat Cinderella Coronation Crown Earth Fairytale Golden Harley… Read More »

When You See What Normal Things Look Like Under a Microscope…You’ll FREAK!

Zooming in on everyday items is like looking at something completely alien. Eyelash Football Jersey Fortune Cookie Guitar String Instant Coffee Needle and Thread Pencil Pineapple Leaf Postage Stamp Salt and Pepper Sprinkles Toilet Paper Toothbrush Bristles Used Dental Floss Velcro Vinyl Record Banana Blood Cell Blueberry Chocolate Dust Who would have thought that dust… Read More »