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Mom Apologizes to Her Baby For Her Parenting Fails Through Hilarious Notes

We all know how hard parenting can be, and sometimes, being honest about it is really the best cure. This baby’s mother, Sarah Showfety, puts a hilarious spin on her parenting “failures”. But, I wouldn’t really call them failures, just normal occurrences! LOL! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share:)

2-Year-Old Girl is Beating You at Halloween With Adorable Costumes

Mother of 2-year-old Willow, takes some beautiful Halloween pictures of her daughter. Princess Kate and Prince William See’s Candies Clerk The Price is Right Contestant Troll Doll Annie and Daddy Warbucks Cabbage Patch Kid Elliott from E.T. Flashdance Frida Gilligan and the Skipper Hot dog on a stick unfirom In N’ Out employee Lt. Dan… Read More »

22 of the Most Colorful Landscapes in the World. These Will Take Your Breath Away.

There’s nothing like a beautiful burst of color…especially when Mother Nature offers it to you on a plate! #1. Red Sea Beach in China #2. Shark Bay, Australia #3. Tulip Fields, Netherlands #4. Valley of Flowers National Park, India #5. Vermont in autumn #6. Yuanyang County, China #7. Alberta, Canada #8. Braunwald, Switzerland #9. Cano… Read More »

No, These Animals Were Not Genetically Modified. This Is All Mother Nature’s Work.

Most of these animals were born this way, and despite being deformed, they’ve lived a long, healthy life! Two headed kitten Two headed snake Two headed tortoise Two headed turtle Two legged pig who learned how to walk upright Unicorn cow Bi-pedal lamb Conjoined crocodiles Conjoined gray whales Deformed frog Fluorescent pigs Four legged duck… Read More »

35 Photos of Thunderstorms That Show the Incredible Power of Nature

This is nature at its most fierce. Somewhere in the USA Southwestern Australia Sydney, Australia Texas, USA Western Africa Arizona, USA Bangkok, Thailand Brian Head, Utah, USA Cagliary, Italy Chaiten, Chile Chicago, Illinois, USA Childress, Texas Death Valley, California, USA Denver, Colorado, USA Dixie Rock, Utah, USA False Kiva, Utah, USA Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA… Read More »

This Baby Was Pronounced DEAD by Doctors, But Then Mom Held Him and OMG

If you’re ever in need of a heart-warming story, then this is it. When Kate Ogg had to deliver her baby 27 weeks early, her baby boy Jamie did not make it and was pronounced dead by doctors just minutes after having been born. After Jamie was pronounced dead, Kate asked the doctors if she… Read More »