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This Guy’s GF Died 2 Years Ago…Now She’s Messaging Him on FB – This Will Haunt Me Forever

Loosing a loved one can’t possibly be easy by any means, but what this poor guy had to endure 1 year AFTER his girlfriend died is more than anyone could take. Nathan and his girlfriend Emily had been dating for about 5 years when she suddenly passed away in 2012 in a horrific car accident.… Read More »

20 Codes That Have NEVER Been Deciphered: What do They Mean?!?

Humans have advanced incredibly throughout the years, but there are still a few things we haven’t figured out. Take for example, these puzzles that although have been around for decades and centuries, have actually never been figured out by anyone! #1. Voynich Manuscript: This is allegedly 600 years old and completely handwritten in an undecipherable… Read More »

The Atacama Skeleton Mystery – Alien or Human?

If you’ve never seen or heard of the Atacama skeleton, then you gotta see this! Although this skeleton has been found years ago, it still peaks the interest of thousands of scientists and doctors alike. The Atacama skeleton was found in 2003 in the Atacama desert in Chile. The skeleton, which stands 6-inches tall (yes… Read More »