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19 of the Most Badass Caves From All Around The World

Sometimes, going underground can lead to some unexpectedly beautiful things…like these caves! #1. Jeita Grotto in Lebanon #2. Kyaut Sea Cave in Maynmar #3. Marble Caves in Chile #4. Ordinskaya, Russia #5. Phraya Nakhon Cave in Thailand #6. Reed Flute Cave in China #7. Son Doong Cave in Vietnam #8. Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland #9.… Read More »

These Extreme Sports Get Even More Extreme When They’re Performed In Natural Disasters

For most people, earthquakes, floods, storms, and others, are extremely inconvenient and sometimes deadly. But for these extreme sports enthusiasts, they’re only opportunities. Hurricane Surfers Flood Surfers Flood Kayakers Earthquake Skateboarders Earthquake BMX Blizzard Surfers Blizzard Snowboarders Kayaking Through Volcanic Activity Typhoon Windsurfers Way too extreme for me! If you enjoyed this post, please share… Read More »

These Are The Most Jaw Dropping Photos I’ve Ever Seen: 34 Most Beautiful Nature Photographs

Our planet is so vast and beautiful, but we often take it for granted and forget to stop and smell the roses. Although most of us don’t have the opportunity to visit every corner of the globe, we can at least relish in the beauty that is photography. These next 34 nature photos from around… Read More »