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20 Hilarious Animal Selfies That Will Make Your Day!

The art of taking selfies no longer applies to just humans – animals are in on it too now! Check out these photos below of some of the world’s best and most hilarious selfies! These animals are putting their faces right into the camera, taking amazing selfies and beating us at it too! Let’s be… Read More »

Arctic Whale Photography Will Take Your Breath Away

Biology professor and scientist Audun Rikardsen grew up in northern Norway and had always been fascinated by marine biology, especially arctic whales. Shortly after becoming a biology professor, he decided he would pursue his life’s love: photographic the stunning beauty that is the arctic and its whale. These photographs are truly stunning and give a… Read More »

20 Finalists From the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year

Every year, National Geographic opens its doors to photographers from all over the world who try to capture some of nature’s most captivating moments. Everything from animals, to plants, and our beautiful Earth can be seen from these 20 finalists from the National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Let’s have a look at these… Read More »

2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Finalists

The 2016 Comedy Wildflife Photography Awards has come to an end, and these are the finalists. This funny and quirky competition was founded by two wildlife photographers who wanted to showcase the “lighter” side of animals. Basically, funny and awkward photographs of wild animals but done really, really well. This isn’t your regular cat picture!… Read More »

Stunning Landscapes That Make You Think You’re Not On Planet Earth Anymore

So much beauty, such little time to explore. Devil’s Pool, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Devil’s Tower, Wyoming Elephant Rock, Nevada Erta Ale Lava Lake, Ethiopia Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan Kelimutu Crater Lake, Flores Island, Indonesia Lake Hillier, Australia Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil Marble Cathedral, Patagonia, Argentina,… Read More »

20 Beautiful Albino Animals That Will Take Your Breath Away

They sport an unusual color…but that’s what makes them even more special! Long-beaked echidna Newborn albino elephant Snowdrop the albino African penguin Saltwater lobster Albino Alaskan moose Albino baby deer Albino bat Albino black bear Albino camel Albino chimp Albino kangaroo Albino lion Albino racoon Albino raven Albino rino Albino turtle Amazon river dolphin Bengal… Read More »

Photographs of People Climbing the Alps Show Just How Small We Really Are

Polish photographer Jakub Polomski specializes in landscape and travel photography. In this series called “The Scale of Nature”, Jakub tries to show the enormous difference between nature and humans. In a world where we feel so big most of the time, nature goes to show that we’re actually very small. These photographs were all taken… Read More »

Photographer Takes Magical Photographs of Mushrooms Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Photographer and sports enthusiast Martin Pfister, has found a creative and magical way to shoot mushrooms. Using tiny LED lights that he carefully placed behind the mushrooms, Martin was able to photograph these fungi in a magical and other worldly way. Simply magical! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share with others on… Read More »

Shocking Effects of Deforestation Shown in Graphic Ads Will Make You Think Twice About Harming the Planet

The slogan for these ads, “When the wood go, the wildlife goes”, is a powerful, yet graphic and shocking message that speaks for our planet. These ads were made in such a way as to make people really think about what we’re doing to our wildlife and hopefully inspire millions to take better care of… Read More »

27 Breathtaking Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania

Often overlooked, Romania is one of those beautiful places that you rarely hear about, but you absolutely must visit. Rich in culture, landscape, and overall beauty, Romania is a nature enthusiast’s dream. 1. Sibiu 2. Sighisoara 3. A spring afternoon in the hillos of Holbav village 4. Sunflower fields 5. Tara Barsei 6. Transfagarasan Highway… Read More »

19 of the Most Beautiful Roads in The World. These Are Definitely Worth Driving On!

These scenic roads want YOU to take a road trip on them! Chapman’s Peak, South Africa Furka and Grimsel Pass, Switzerland Ice Road in North West Territories, Canada Indian Himalayas Jasper National Park, Alberta Karakoram Highway, Pakistan Passo Dello Stevlio, Italy Phuket, Thailand Road to the Canadian Rockies Route 1, Iceland Scenic road through Lofoten,… Read More »

18 Animals Who Have Way Better Hair Than You. You Should Be Jealous

These animals have the most majestic hair you’ve ever seen! #1. Mary River Turtle with punk algae mane #2. Mangalica #3. Long haired guinea pig #4. Komodor the mop dog #5. Hairy Caterpillar #6. Gypsy Vanner Horse #7. Fluffy Hamster #8. Fluffy cow #9. Duster Budgie #10. Curly Haired Pigeon #11. Angora Rabbit #12. Afghan… Read More »

Before And After Pictures of Caterpillars Turning Into Butterflies Are Weird, Amazing, and Breathtaking

Metamorphosis is such a weird thing, and these caterpillars prove it. Black Swallowtail Blue Morpho Brahmin Moth Cecropia Cerura Vinula Flannel Moth Glass Winged Butterfly Hubbard’s Small Silkmoth Io Moth Isa Textula Isochaetes Beutenmu Phobetron Pithecium Pipevine Swallowtail Polyura Sempronius Spicebush Swallowtail Spotted Apatelodes Acraga Coa Archaria Stimulea Attacus Atlas Notice how really colorful caterpillars… Read More »