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These Birds Are So Rare, So Exotic That You’ve Probably NEVER Heard of Them.

The Earth is full of creatures we have yet to encounter, and these next birds might as well be on that list. I bet you’ve never seen any of these exotic-looking, almost alien-like birds. All I have to say is WOW. #1. The Royal Flycatcher #2. Spangled Cotinga #3. Splendid Astrapia #4. Splendid Fairywren #5.… Read More »

29 Seniors Who Will Prove to You That You’re Never Too Old to Do Anything

After all, age is just a number, right? #1. Man pulling his disabled daughter and wife through Disneyland #2. Never too old to play with Nerf funs #3. And you’re never too old to have fun #3. Keeping up with technology #4. Playing arcade games #5. An old woman is pulling her husband in a… Read More »

20 Codes That Have NEVER Been Deciphered: What do They Mean?!?

Humans have advanced incredibly throughout the years, but there are still a few things we haven’t figured out. Take for example, these puzzles that although have been around for decades and centuries, have actually never been figured out by anyone! #1. Voynich Manuscript: This is allegedly 600 years old and completely handwritten in an undecipherable… Read More »