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17 Things That Will Drive Any Person Suffering From OCD INSANE

So if any of these things bother you…you have OCD 🙂 This would drive me nuts! Useless pop can! Why Newtons, why?? Whyyy? You had ONE job! Apartment complex from hell Can’t be unseen Dear God, why! NBD! Ahhhh!!!! Dysfunctional tap Guess what’s NOT supposed to be in there? Make up your minds already! Monk… Read More »

These 31 Things Are So Satisfying and So Perfect…It’ll Make Your Week!

Yesterday we showed you 30 of the most cringe worthy pictures. Today though, is entirely different. These 31 pictures are so perfect they’ll make you feel good all over. Get ready to smile! #1. This perfect supermarket aisle #2. This beautiful symmetry #3. When this walking stick found its home #4. These perfectly aligned candies… Read More »