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Warning: These Signs Are So Incredibly Sarcastic, They’ll Turn YOU Into a Sarcastic Person

Such clever signs! #1. This restaurant is not pho-king around #2. Warning: sharks WILL smell your pee #3. I don’t even know what the point of this sign is #4. This sign must be in Canada #5. I see they’re trying to be hip #6. I don’t think that’s water they’re talking about #7. Remember… Read More »

Here Are 19 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Your Desk Unattended

Instead of working, these employees decided to prank their co-workers in the worst way possible. Goes to show you can’t trust anyone and that you should never leave your desk unattended. Hmmm…I don’t even think it was April fool’s! #1. Upon returning to your desk, you’ll notice that it has been invested with mice #2.… Read More »