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These Pictures of Dads at One Direction Concerts Will Make You Laugh and Feel Sad All At The Same Time

These dads must be the greatest ever, since they actually volunteered to sit through hours of One Direction’s incessant whining. So, as funny as it may be, let’s be respectful and try to feel what they were feeling: pain. Lots and lots of pain. Look at their faces. It shows. Someone give these dads a… Read More »

Ouch! Here are 20 of the Most Regretful and Painful Things That You’ll See All Year

These people really DO have 99 problems, and regret is definitely one of them! #1. This classic fail from The Amazing Race #2. This guy who will never attend a hockey game ever again #3. Aaron Paul regretting his good deed #4. This guy trying to wrestle an alligator #5. This basketball fail #6. This… Read More »