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22 Parents Who Should Win An Award For Parenting

These parents did parenting RIGHT! This dad has a new favorite That is one generous dad This “tooth fairy” The comedy dad The coolest mom ever Also the coolest mom ever This crappy selfie Dad’s watching! This dad definitely does NOT trust high school boys Economically sound dad Hipster parents Must work for that wi-fi… Read More »

WHAT Were They Thinking?!?! 28 INSANE Parenting Fails – #23 is Really Something Else!

Parenting can be hard, but what THESE parents are doing with their children is just plain insane. #1. I hope she won’t remember this when she grows up #2. And you wonder why 10 years later she’s deathly afraid of irons #3. Why pay a babysitter to watch your baby when your cat is perfectly… Read More »