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When You See This…You’re Going to Cry. 25 Photos That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Joy

These next 25 photos will literally make your heart melt. The animal kingdom is such a beautiful world, and these pictures prove it. Parents love their children no matter what, and it’s so heart warming to see animals do the same with their little ones. So grab a box a tissues and submerge yourself into… Read More »

Here Are 17 Terribly Evil, But Equally Hilarious Kids…Watch Out For #17 Though!

Kids may say the darndest things, but they do even worse things! Whoever was in charge of these children needs to go back to babysitting classes stat! #1. Buh bye mini-van! #2. Just doesn’t give a crap! #3. “Yeah, you like coffee? Take that!” #4. Is that a dog or a kid? Only God knows… Read More »

WHAT Were They Thinking?!?! 28 INSANE Parenting Fails – #23 is Really Something Else!

Parenting can be hard, but what THESE parents are doing with their children is just plain insane. #1. I hope she won’t remember this when she grows up #2. And you wonder why 10 years later she’s deathly afraid of irons #3. Why pay a babysitter to watch your baby when your cat is perfectly… Read More »

NEVER Admit to Being Embarrassed by Your Dad…or he Might do THIS!

As a teenager, your parents are constantly embarrassing you, but this dad went above and beyond that to teach his son a lesson. Meet Rain. Rain is a 16 year old teenager with an embarrassing dad. Rain’s dad, Dale, along with his mother, would  stand outside and wave as the bus picked up their son.… Read More »