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The Newest Internet Trend is to Wear a Cat On Your Head. So Here Are 29 People With Cats on Their Heads

It’s going absolutely viral – cat on your head. Everyone and their mom is doing it, so without any further ado here are 29 people who are graciously donning a cat on their head. Enjoy! Meow! Well that was a little strange, no? If you enjoyed this post though, please share with the world 🙂

22 Pets Who Absolutely Hate Christmas and Want to Destroy It

I don’t know what it is about bright lights and sparkly decorations, but our furry friends don’t appreciate them very much! Why?? Y u make me so sad? Ahhhh! Take it offf!! Commence tree demolition! DERP! Does it look like I’m enjoying this?!? Grumpy holiday cats are grumpy How’d you find me in here?? I… Read More »

14 Useless Pet Accessories That You Need RIGHT NOW! These Are Too Cute For Words.

Your pets are your kids so why not treat them to a little something special? #1. Pet library bed #2. Luxury dog bed #3. Necktie #4. Pet umbrella #5. Pet facetime #6. Pet trailers #7. Safety harness #8. Smile ball #9. Water fountain #10. Dog house sofa #11. Dog fence peek #12. Doggy moustache #13.… Read More »

Behold! 24 Tiny, Plump Animals That You’ll Want to Squeeze

Humans may not look as cute when they’re plump (unless of course they’re babies!), but animals have a way of working that plumpness like it’s nobody’s business! #1. This adorable, round owl #2. These bellies #3. This round squirrel #4. These plump seals #5. Squirrel plumpness #6. Tiny pug is plump #7. Round baby bunny… Read More »

20 Mischievous Looking Animals Who Are Plotting Something Evil

Rare photographs of animals plotting evil things were snapped…and you won’t believe what they’re thinking! #1. “They’ll never suspect me…” #2. “I have many otter plans for you” #3. “Hehe they have no idea what’s about to hit them” #4. “That’s what happens when you try to mimic my hoots” #5. “Eeeexcellent” #6. “I’ll wait… Read More »

14 Ridiculous Animal Photobombs That Will MAKE YOUR DAY!

Animals are so adorable…until they ruin your awesome picture! #1. “I just wanna give you a lick!” #2. “No fair – lemme get in there you guys!” #3. “Hey there pretty lady” #4. “What’s this crazy contraption?!?” #5. “Hey we’re all buds, right guys?” #6. “Look mah’ I’m on camera!” #7. “I now pronounce you… Read More »

Ouch! Here are 20 of the Most Regretful and Painful Things That You’ll See All Year

These people really DO have 99 problems, and regret is definitely one of them! #1. This classic fail from The Amazing Race #2. This guy who will never attend a hockey game ever again #3. Aaron Paul regretting his good deed #4. This guy trying to wrestle an alligator #5. This basketball fail #6. This… Read More »