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Celebrities Before and After Photoshop

The media sets some very high standards, especially for women. Flawless skin, long, thick hair, slim thighs, and the list goes on and on. In truth, these celebrities are not much more different than you and I! Take a look at their before and after photoshopped pictures. So if celebrities really DO look like us… Read More »

Winners of the 2014 National Geographic Photography Contest Will Blow You Away

This year, National Geographic selected the most amazing images from this year which included people, places, and nature. Honorable mentions are also included, but these will all take your breath away. People, Winner People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention People, Honorable Mention Places,… Read More »

These Photoshopped Animal Hybrids Are Nothing Short of Funny, Amazing, and Just Plain Weird

So these people got super creative with photoshop and came up with something spectacular! Papillat Penguitten Pygmy Marmowolf Spake Steagle Tapir Shark White Tiger Monkey Birboon Dachshundapillar Ferocious Schnowlzer Hairless pit Highland Red Pandow Labradorca Labradorse Llhamit Mangaroo Meeraffe Owlarilla Pandowl So weird! Don’t forget to share with us on Facebook by clicking the button… Read More »

20 Shocking Pictures of Celebrities Before and After Photoshop….Yikes!

Proof that celebs are just as ugly as the rest of us. Okay, maybe not all of them, but quite a handful! #1.Katie Couric #2. Kim Cattrall #3. Lindsay Lohan #4. Madonna #5. Penelope Cruz #6. Rachel McAdams #7. Scarlett Johansson #8. Shakira #9. Angelina Jolie #10. Ashlee Simpson #11. Avril Lavigne #12. Bethenne Frankel… Read More »

14 Ridiculous Animal Photobombs That Will MAKE YOUR DAY!

Animals are so adorable…until they ruin your awesome picture! #1. “I just wanna give you a lick!” #2. “No fair – lemme get in there you guys!” #3. “Hey there pretty lady” #4. “What’s this crazy contraption?!?” #5. “Hey we’re all buds, right guys?” #6. “Look mah’ I’m on camera!” #7. “I now pronounce you… Read More »

These Photos Might Seem Photoshopped at First, But Upon Closer Look You’ll Notice…

Photography along with technology have come a long way. We can pretty much do whatever we want to a picture and make it look 100% real! And that’s EXACTLY what these people did…except they failed HARD. #1. Rihanna has really let herself go…smh #2. Nice house and car! Oh nvm…you almost had me #3. Before… Read More »

30 Hilarious Animal Photobombs

In these next animal photobombs, you’ll notice that cats and horses seem to dominate the lenses. Get ready to LOL! #1. Say cheeese   #2. Horses…horsin’ around #3. Sly hippo #4. When you see it… #5. Silly goat #6. Cow laughing at another cow #7. Another crazy cow #8. Evil cat has evil plans for… Read More »